Selasa, 27 Januari 2015

Bananas for health benefits

If you are a fan of bananas , then you shall be proud of ourselves . Why? Because in addition to delicious to eat, which also has the benefit that is very good for health . for more details , check out the following reviews about the health benefits of bananas .

1. Healthy bones
High manganese content in bananas can help you to make healthy bones. Begin to eat this fruit after eating fruit as a dessert to get strong bones and healthy .

2. Lose weight
You have a problem with weight ? Or you want to run the program on a diet? If so , try to get help from the fruit of this one . Bananas are believed to lose weight naturally . This is because bananas have a relatively small calorie content .

3. Streamlining digestion
In addition to the above nutrients , bananas are also rich in fiber . Thus, eat this fruit regularly can facilitate digestion problems. In addition, this fruit can also facilitate defecation .

One more benefit of bananas that can increase the body's energy . Begin to eat bananas every day to get the benefits as above . Hope it is useful :)

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Senin, 26 Januari 2015

Cool Fitness Application For iPhone 6

To maintain a healthy body in order to better each person must always maintain a lifestyle by having doings of good eating and regular exercise . Currently the iPhone 6 comes with a variety of fitness apps to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle . Here's a Cool Fitness Application For iPhone 6 .

SnoreLab is snoring management application number one for Ios . With innovation , this app will help you solve the problem of snoring by recording and measuring the habit. This application will also find an effective way to help you reduce the snoring problem .

Water is very useful for health , but because of time and hot weather cause everyone does not want to drink water . This application dibut to record your daily water needs . This application also reminds you to drink water at all times .

This moves the application will automatically record your activities . This application can be recorded in detail . This application is always on, so you do not need to turn off and turn it on . All you have to do is keep it in a pocket .

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Buah Durian

Durian adalah nama tumbuhan tropis yang berasal dari wilayah Asia Tenggara, sekaligus nama buahnya yang bisa dimakan. Nama ini diambil dari ciri khas kulit buahnya yang keras dan berlekuk-lekuk tajam sehingga menyerupai duri. Sebutan populernya adalah "raja dari segala buah" (King of Fruit). Durian adalah buah yang kontroversial, meskipun banyak orang yang menyukainya, namun sebagian yang lain malah muak dengan aromanya.

Sesungguhnya, tumbuhan dengan nama durian bukanlah spesies tunggal tetapi sekelompok tumbuhan dari marga Durio.[1] Namun, yang dimaksud dengan durian (tanpa imbuhan apa-apa) biasanya adalah Durio zibethinus. Jenis-jenis durian lain yang dapat dimakan dan kadangkala ditemukan di pasar tempatan di Asia Tenggara di antaranya adalah lai (D. kutejensis), kerantungan (D. oxleyanus), durian kura-kura atau kekura (D. graveolens), serta lahung (D. dulcis). Untuk selanjutnya, uraian di bawah ini mengacu kepada D. zibethinus.